Bind for $10 (SHO Les Lesbian Tomboy Chest Binder Undershirt review)

Good lord this binder has the longest name ever.

Anyway! This review is long overdue, because I got this thing back in the summer when it was hot enough to make wearing layers uncomfortable. Since it’s just a sleeveless undershirt with a minimalistic binder built in, similar to the bra in a swim suit, it’s a lot less hot than wearing my regular binder with a shirt on top. It’s also only $10 on eBay.

It’s not as awesome as my Juya binder, but it’s still pretty great for something so cheap!


I believe that when I bought mine, shipping happened to be free, but it keeps changing and it’s never that expensive. They only take PayPal, being on eBay. The package arrived very quickly (I can’t remember how long exactly, but it was fast) in your basic inconspicuous plastic envelope. It was very small and came straight to the mailbox.

Oddly, I ordered a blue one and I received a green one. I don’t know why, but I don’t care, because green is my favorite color. I only ordered blue because blue clothes bring out my eyes. ;)


Since I’m about 34” the size chart says I should be a medium, and my medium Juya binder fits perfectly, so I ordered a medium. I’m not sure if this was right, though, because I can hardly squeeze into it. There are three rows of loops, like the three small rows of loops on a bra that are designed to be hooked in tighter as the elastic stretches, and I can just barely reach the hooks into the biggest row. I’m happy because it works, but it’s a tight fit – if I get any bigger, it won’t fit anymore.

Comfort and Ventilation

The material is a bit scratchy and the edge pokes into me a little, but it’s nothing I can’t overlook for such a cheap binder. The fact that it’s a tanktop makes it quite comfortable in the heat, and one side of the binder inside is a few bands of elastic instead of a solid piece of fabric so the ventilation is great. The tanktop material is very soft and comfortable, at least!


It’s not as effective as my Juya binder, and it might not fool anyone if I stand up straight – especially with my thin, flabby arms proving that I do not, in fact, have well-developed chest muscles.

Here are some pictures to demonstrate. In the left panel I am wearing a regular bra, in the middle my Juya binder, and in the right my SHO Les (etc.) binder.

binders front

These pictures are basically the most unflattering views possible. (You’re welcome.) I made sure you could tell that binders do not always give a perfect shape when you’re wearing something skin-tight and standing up straight. But still, the Juya is better than the SHO Les one, and they’re both much better than being unbound.

binders side

You can tell that I’m not flat, but I don’t mind – I’m not trying to look like a man, just like a more comfortable version of myself. Mostly flat is fine with me for now.


Obviously, if you can afford a better binder and you care about having the best results, this is not the binder for you. If you’re looking for something that will bind you reasonably well without killing you on hot days, or if you’re looking for something very inexpensive, this is the binder for you. It’s great to have options!

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